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Xavis machines offer high speed and high performance inspection for detecting foreign materials introduced during the production process. They also offer the ability to find missing or broken product, leakage and seal integrity and fill level.


The equipment can automatically detect internal foreign materials (metal, gravel, glass, plastic, bone) in processed food using the Smart Learning System. It can also find defects (voids and cracks) inside products that cannot be confirmed visually. Xavis machines can additionally examine omissions of sealed off products.


Xavis holds multiple patents for the technology used in the machines. With 14 years in the intelligence systems research and 7 years in image processing technology, Xavis prides itself in having the world's best non-destructive testing for product inspection.


The proprietary software installed on all Xavis machines provides wonderful data management vis USB memory stick, Internet or Ethernet. The software also includes Team View, which allows for 24 / 7 remote access by the Xavis service team so that we can help you through any technical issues that may arise.


Additional features include multi-lane scanning for up to 4 lanes and a conveyor that can be removed without tools for easy cleaning and can run at up to 60 m / min (196 ft / min).



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